Notes from an Orwell Shore 2019

I retired to Suffolk 17years ago. I have a small property east of Ipswich on high ground on the north bank of the River Orwell. It is a ten minute brisk walk to the river and a twenty minute walk back. I make no apologies therefor that many of my images reflect the river and its location.

This dinghy appeared on the shore a few months ago apparently abandoned . It presented a photo opportunity for a week or so then was gone?

The image above was taken last October in St. Stephen's Lane Ipswich. Using your camera in the rain is often a bit of a challenge but if you can catch the reflections it can make a picture come to life. 



My Background


It all began when together with my father we blacked out our kitchen and made contact prints from our  21/4" x 31/2" negatives taken on Dads folding camera. The smell of the developer and the excitement of watching the image gradually materializing in the developing dish will always stay with me.

My love of photography has always been there but family commitments over the years always limited what I could do. It would be fair to say that most of my photography has been on film and only in the last few years have I started to take digital images. There does seem to be a body of opinion in the photographic press and media that you need to shoot in Manual mode and in RAW with a large camera to be taken seriously. I say nonsense to that. I shoot in JPEG straight out of the camera and use one of two compact cameras, one of which I always try to have with me. I rarely go looking for images, rather I let them come to me.

Catching the Moment


I tend to photograph on the hoof! Rarely do I use a tripod. It's just that carrying loads of gear has become a bit of a no no for me hence my reliance on compact cameras.  I try to always have a camera with me if it is no more than my Lumix TZ60 compact and hope that a moment will present itself.

Sharing these Moments


There are millions of images uploaded to web sites every day so having a space of your own not only provides the chance to display your photographs to friends and family but also drives your ambition to seek improvements to your work.